What is solo and ensemble?

Solo and Ensemble is a wonderful opportunity to get feedback on your individual voice instead of just as a choir. You will prepare a piece to sing by yourself for the first semester. In February, you will go sing for a judge that is a local music educator (just like Mrs. Ballard) and get some feedback. If you do well enough, you'll advance on to State Solo and Ensemble which is held at UT in late May.

Who participates in solo and ensemble?

Every student in the choir program is required to prepare a piece for Region Solo and Ensemble in February. This is for a major grade in the first semester. This is not optional, but Mrs. Ballard and Mrs. Thomas are happy to help students prepare. If the student does not learn the piece, they will have to do a substantial written make up assignment.

what will i sing?

Mrs. Ballard picks a simple piece that each student will learn in class with her, but if students would like to go above and beyond, she will help them pick a more individualized piece. Students in voice lessons will pick an individualized piece with Ms. Thomas.