LA Trip Updates and Fall Concert

Hello again!

It's been a fantastic year so far and we are back in the swing of things around here. All three choirs are getting ready for their first concert, which will be here at Akins on October 5th at 7:00 PM. We are also getting ready for the LA Trip, which I am so excited for! Please remember the deposit is due 9/29/2017. More information on both items below:


Here's how concerts work for new folks (and veterans that might just need a reminder!):

Afterschool: ALL students help move risers and piano to Theater. Students have a rotation of singing, changing, or eating. Students need to bring their own sack dinner. Please do not order pizza to the school. I have tried providing food in the past and it leaves me with no time to rehearse since I'm organizing food, so the sack dinner is the way to go.

6:30 PM: All students are changed, fed, and warmed up. Theater opens and parents may start arriving to watch their student perform.

7:00 PM: Concert starts! We rejoice in being able to create special memories through a wonderful platform of music. Come support your student! It means the world to them.

8:00(ish): Concert ends. Students need to stay the WHOLE time to help clean up. Attendance is taken at the end of the night when everything is put back in place, and if students are not there, they are not counted present and will not receive credit for the concert.

Uniforms: All students have been fitted for tuxes/gowns, which the school provides, but you will need to provide the shoes/socks that are necessary to look our best. Black flats for ladies (NO heels), and dress shoes (NO sneakers) for men. If your female student wishes to wear a tuxedo, that is completely fine, they just need to have the appropriate dress shoes. Stud earrings are fine, but nothing dangling. No other jewelry is permitted (if your student has a piercing that cannot be removed, they must cover it with a bandaid). All hair must be pinned or tied back.


The LA Trip deposit is due on 9/29/2017 ($100). Please make checks out to Akins Choir, as I will be collecting all payments and then sending in one large check. Please remember that the contract is due with the payment - please do not send them separately as it gets very hard to track. 

If your student has any remaining fair share balance ($80 for choir, $20 for piano) that bill is due before you will be permitted to pay the trip deposit. If you aren't sure, ask your student to log into Charms for you (or send me an email and I can explain how) to see your balance.

Remember the form is due whether you are paying the balance with fundraising funds or other funds. EVERY student in 6th period MUST turn this form in on time. All other students only need to turn in the form if they are going on the trip.

Parents that wish to chaperone should let me know how many people they would like to room with (other chaperones). The single chaperone price is $1553 (the extra money accounts for the extra hotel room). 

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions! I'm only an email away! Thank you for sharing your students with me - they make every day the best day and make me love my job.