It's been a busy week around here! We've sung at many basketball games (girls and boys!), had a choir social, participated in academy fair, went to an San Antonio to see Ms. DiFiore in an opera, have been preparing for Solo and Ensemble, and this week we're off to TMEA! 



Our first annual middle school choir social was a huge success! We had students from four different middle schools come to Akins to see what our choir is all about. Akins students led sectionals while I hopped around from room to teach new concepts. What made this really special was the vertical team relationship we had with several of the middle school directors attending as well. I'm so happy we have such a great relationships here in south Austin!

Many students from this event mentioned they are interested in auditioning for top choir, which will happen very soon! Look out for more info, incoming 9th graders! 


Our AP Music Theory class has been working hard preparing all the examples of concepts for their ENORMOUS vocabulary wall. Every single term on the AP test is up here, and it's been a ton of work. The students are learning a lot and are becoming more and more prepared every day! 


Last Saturday, 24 of our most excited students traveled with me to San Antonio to see Ms. DiFiore (one of our wonderful voice lessons teachers) sing in the opera Cinderella as the lead role. She was fabulous and several of our students are now thinking about a career in opera after watching her! It was a perfect first opera for most of our students - funny, lighthearted, and well sung and played. 


As the end of this grading period approaches, please remember to make sure grades are passing (especially if you are participating in UIL Solo and Ensemble!). While choir is wonderful, you can't focus all of your energy on it if you aren't passing math! Get to those FIT sessions and get those grades up! I believe in you, Akins Choir and Piano! 


Thursday and Friday of this week, I'm at the Texas Music Educator's conference in San Antonio, Texas.  as I'm writing this, I'm sitting in a session that is about to begin led by one of my role models - Andrea Ramsey! Our choir has sung a ton of her music, and I can't wait to see her session all about Men's Choirs. Get ready, 1st period!!!

Friday and Saturday, Akins Band and I are taking about 30 students down to San Antonio for TMEA, and I'm so excited! It always warms my heart to see all of the future music educators that walk through our halls excited and enthusiastic about their careers and learning. 

Stay tuned for more info!!!