Pre-Area Results and Congratulations

Two of our students, Sarudzai Chigubu and Veronica Lopez, advanced from Region All-State Auditions to Pre-Area auditions. At Pre-Area auditions, which happened last night, Saru did well enough to advance on to the Area level, which is the last level before All-State! Fantastic preparation Veronica, and congratulations to Saru!

Ms. Royer - Fantastic!!!

Ms. Katz - Great job!!!!!!!

Mr. Berkowitz - Mazel tov!

Paul Crockett - Congrats and so very proud of Sarudzai and Ms. Ballard!

Coach Martin - Congrats

Mr. Distelhorst - That is awesome, congratulations!

Ms. Coughlen - This is quite an accomplishment! Thank you for sharing this awesome news. I'll tell Saru congrats. :)